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Design and Workshop

The Design Department, together with the Workshop, are responsible for all the artistic and technical work at the Museum.  These departments fulfil a support function of the Museum. The first dedicated artist employed at the Museum was the renowned sculptor Laura Rautenbach, appointed in October 1954.  However, she resigned in 1958.  Mr Septimus Roos was appointed as Museum assistant shortly after Ms Rautenbach’s resignation.  He proved to be an excellent taxidermist and artist and later became Head of the Art Department (Design Department).

The Design Department is responsible for the design and execution of permanent and temporary exhibits as well as the design of brochures, marketing material, website maintenance, educational booklets, scientific drawings and maps, and some restoration where necessary.

Today the Design Department consist of a dedicated graphic designer, a graphic designer responsible for all the web maintenance as well as a dedicated exhibitions artist and a departmental head. The department also tend to all the social media needs of the Museum.

Technical work at the Museum has been done by technical assistants, mostly temporary, for a number of years.  In 1969 the first cabinet-maker, Mr H.C. Koen, was appointed.  Today, the department consists of an artisan (supervisor) and three assistants, responsible for the building of permanent and temporary exhibits, restoration and maintenance of exhibits and facilities. All smaller constructions are also part of the daily tasks.  

The main functions of the Design Department and Workshop are:

  • to develop and maintain permanent displays,
  • to develop temporary and to maintain these displays,
  • to develop all marketing materials,
  • to do design and handle the printing of in-house publications,
  • to see to all non-specialised photography and binding,
  • to see to all general maintenance of the Museum premises,
  • to do all needed artwork and/or constructions for other departments,
  • to do restoration work.

Christo Venter

Head of Department

Carien van Eck

Graphic Designer/Artist: Design Department

Marelie van Rensburg

Senior Museum Designer / Artist

Monde Sithole

Graphic Designer / Website manager

Sive Ntsento

Workshop Supervisor

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