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Oral History Guide for Beginners

Are you interested in researching your family’s history? You might need to interview elderly family members such as your grandparents and great-grandparents about their lives. Would you like to write the history of your town or community? You will have to interview some of the elderly residents to obtain the information that is still lacking. Often oral history is the only way to collect the missing pieces of the puzzle!

The cover of Oral History: A Practical Guide for Beginners. (Photo source: National Museum)

Fortunately, help is at hand because the National Museum has now published an oral history guide for beginners. This simplified step-by-step guide is aimed at the general public and it is meant to guide you through the process of conducting and processing interviews. Copies of this full-colour guide is available from the National Museum at R25,00 each. The books are for sale at the museum shop or e-mail Derek du Bruyn at derek@nasmus.co.za or Michelle Barnes at michelle@nasmus.co.za

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