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Loan Policy


Conditions of loan

By accepting the objects on the face of this receipt, the borrower agrees to the following conditions:

  1. Loans will only be made to recognized Art Museums and only after approval by the Advisory Committee.
  2. No work of art on loan from the Permanent Collection of Oliewenhuis Art Museum may form part of a selling exhibition.
  3. If the loan does not conform to the stated collecting and exhibition policies of Oliewenhuis Art Museum the Advisory Committee may stipulate special conditions.
  4. Each artwork shall remain in the condition in which it is received.
  5. No artwork shall be reframed, removed from mounts, cleaned, retouched or altered in any way whatsoever.
  6. Labels and numbers may under no circumstances be removed.
  7. Each object shall at all times be given special care to insure it against loss and deterioration and when necessary a suitable case shall be provided for exhibition and protection. Should loss or damage be noted, Oliewenhuis Art Museum shall be informed immediately.
  8. Art works shall be protected at all times against direct sunlight, rain, excessive humidity and excessively dry conditions. All watercolours, drawings, prints and photographs shall be properly protected from damage of fading by exposure to direct or reflected sunlight and artificial light, fluorescent light or proximity to heat sources.
  9. No foreign material (i.e. pins, nails etc.) are to be used to fasten an object for exhibition purposes.
  10. Oliewenhuis Art Museum will decide on the method of packing and means of transport to and from the borrower.


  • All handling, packing, transportation and insurance costs incurred during the loan are to be paid by the borrowing institution.


  • Each object shall be insured by Oliewenhuis Art Museum at the borrower’s expense for the benefit of Oliewenhuis Art Museum against all risks, including political riots, earthquakes, while in transit and on location during the period of the loan. Required insurance shall be arranged by Oliewenhuis Art Museum before any work of art may be removed from the Museum. The work of art shall be covered by the said insurance value.

Loan period

  • If extension of time is desired on the loan, application must be made in writing within a reasonable time before the end of the period.


  • The borrower may photograph the work of art only for record and publicity purposes. Works of art may not be removed from their frames for this purpose. The borrower may not reproduce works of art for purpose of sale.


  • Information about the object used for catalogues or labels, shall conform to data furnished by Oliewenhuis Art Museum and shall always include a credit line to Oliewenhuis Art Museum.

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