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Valentine’s Picnic Competition 2022 at Oliewenhuis Art Museum

Competition time!  

Everyone loves picnics, especially on Oliewenhuis Art Museum’s green lawn. No gesture is as wonderful as sharing a memorable day with that extraordinary individual in your life. What if you could win a lovely picnic experience for you and a loved one?

On Saturday, 12 February 2022, Oliewenhuis Art Museum will welcome 5 winning couples to enjoy a true Valentine’s Day picnic experience. After the winners have been treated to welcoming drinks they will be taken to specially decorated picnic spots in the Sculpture Garden, where they will enjoy a delicious light lunch picnic to the value of R500.  If you’re one of the winning couples, all you need to do is to dress up for this occasion and be at the art museum at 11:00!

Enter the Valentine’s Picnic Competition if you would like to be one of the lucky winners.

How to enter:

  1. Complete an entry form (entry forms will be available at Oliewenhuis Art Museum).
  2. Drop the entry form in the entry box at Oliewenhuis Art Museum. No e-mail or other electronic entries will be accepted.

Please note that the competition closes on Sunday, 6 February 2022 at 16:00. On Monday, 7 February 2022 the winners will be selected via a lucky draw and will be posted on the social media platforms of Oliewenhuis Art Museum. Winners will also be contacted personally.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  2. Staff members of the National Museum and satellites, and their immediate family members may not enter.
  3. Prizes do not include transport to and from Oliewenhuis Art Museum.
  4. The competition will run from Friday, 21 January until Sunday, 6 February 2022 at 16:00. Late or incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  5. Only hand- delivered entries will be accepted. No e-mail or other electronic entries will be accepted.
  6. There will be five couples who will each receive a picnic basket and a prepared and decorated picnic spot in the Sculpture Park at Oliewenhuis Art Museum.
  7. The prize is neither negotiable nor transferable, and may not be exchanged for cash.
  8. The prize may be subject to additional terms and conditions not mentioned hereunder, but in accordance with relevant South African legislation.
  9. On Monday, 7 February 2022 the winners will be selected via a lucky draw and will be posted on the social media platforms of Oliewenhuis Art Museum. Winners will also be contacted personally.
  10. The Promoter, Oliewenhuis Art Museum (a satellite of the National Museum, Bloemfontein) will try to contact the winners for two days following the draw. If the winners cannot be contacted or does not respond to messages within that period of time, or chooses to decline the prize, then their prize will be forfeited and another winner will be drawn as soon as possible.
  11. By entering this competition, the entrant consents that may use names and images taken of the winners for publicity purposes, without any further remuneration being payable to the winners. The winners may decline to participate in any promotional activity by notifying Oliewenhuis Art Museum in writing. All promotional material will become the sole property of the Promoter.
  12. Participants in this competition hereby indemnify, release and hold harmless the Promoters and their successors, employees, officers, suppliers, contractors, agents, consultants, directors and shareholders from and against any losses, claims, proceedings, actions, damages, liability for harm, injury or death, demands, expenses or any costs howsoever arising out of their participation in this competition or their use of the prizes, and/or any person with whom they share that prize.
  13. Participants understand and agree that in order to offer the competition, the Promoter must collect and use personal information about participants.
  14. The Promoters reserve the right to cancel, modify or amend the competition at any time if deemed necessary in their own opinion or if circumstances arise outside of their control.

For more information please contact Anelisa Dondolo at Oliewenhuis Art Museum on (051) 011 0125 or olwh@nasmus.co.za.

#i | A Public Art Poster campaign conceptualised by Jodi Bieber in collaboration with 45 young people from Johannesburg.  Poster design by Brenton Maart

Dates: 03/07/2019 – 18/08/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Reservoir)

Opening: 19:00 on Tuesday, 2 July 2019

The project, titled #i combines portrait photography, visual research, interviews, text, digital photographic collage and design to create a series of 45 environmental portraits of young people from Johannesburg. Striking amongst all participants is the core value placed on being heard, respected and valued.It takes the form of a public art campaign, where visitors may select and take with them a poster from one of the 45 individual stacks of lithography prints.

Jodi Bieber on #i:

“The exhibition focuses on young people living in Johannesburg, 15 to 23 years of age. A generation that did not grow up under apartheid, and have the ability to access and communicate using technologies that integrate them within a larger global community. Having different historical experiences than those of their parents, they have their own visions and expectations of themselves and of South Africa.

In this Public Art poster campaign, I collaborated over a period of two years, starting in 2016, with a diverse range of 45 young people from Johannesburg – from different cultures, income groups and areas – to produce a portraiture project that expresses young people’s visions of themselves and their country. These visions are expressed in the words of the young people, their own photographs from their phones, and the portraits I photographed of each individual.”

Seeking Loveby Banele Khoza

Dates: 03/07/2019 – 21/07/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Annex)

Opening: 18:30 on Tuesday, 2 July 2019

The exhibition is a response to Banele Khoza’s obsession with love. It is a visual interpretation of his 10-year quest for love and an exploration into the reason why love has constantly been on his tongue and mind.

In September 2017, Khoza won the Gerard Sekoto Award at the ABSA Art Gallery for his series Note Making and along with it a three-month residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. “Note Making was a series that was developed in a period of a year and tackled a certain issue that I was struggling with, namely masculinity,” says Khoza.

Blood Relatives by Cedric Nunn

Dates: 03/07/2019 – 18/08/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Main Building)

Opening: 18:00 on Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Blood Relativesis a body of work created in 2005, by renowned photographer, Cedric Nunn. Cedric Nunn on Blood Relatives:

“This essay begun in the early eighties, in the heydays of apartheid and the ‘struggle’ against it. I found a deep need to explore my identity as a South African of mixed origins. I felt uncomfortable with the moniker of ‘coloured’, or more exactly, ‘Cape Coloured’ bestowed upon me by the state and needed to come to a new understanding of my origins and place in my country in light of my political perspectives….I ‘used’ my large extended family as a palette to explore these issues and as a meditative process to mediate a new perspective which is that though subjected to the moulding influences of a separate existence and the inherent racism that informed it, I felt a strong need to be part of an undivided South Africa, free of racism.”

Exhibition: TIMELESS – Between Matter & Spirit, a solo exhibition by artist Dr Esther Mahlangu

Venue: Main Building, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, 16 Harry Smith Street, Bloemfontein

Opening: 18:00 on Thursday, 23 May 2019

Informal Walkabout: 10:00 on Friday, 24 May 2019

Dates: 23 May – 23 June 2019

Africa’s diverse cultural heritage and dignity is uniquely celebrated by the work and life-long commitment of artist and global Ndebele cultural icon, Dr Esther Mahlangu. Art curator and writer, Beathur Mgoza Baker reflects on how: “Her life defies chronology and her talent, defies the conventions of the Western art as a truly African articulation of our collective cultural heritage”. In South Africa we embrace her as a national treasure, a wise elder and passionate, committed ambassador who has captivated the interest and imagination of the world with her gift, and her beautiful understanding of how art is central to our cultural identity as human beings. Even at the age of eighty three the iconic artist still continues producing work and creative interpretations of the sacred geometry and practices of Ndebele and African culture.

A selection of her artworks and heavily beaded blankets in celebration of the artist and Africa month is on show in the Main Building of the Art Museum.

Harmonia: Sacred Geometry, a pattern of existence by Gordon Froud

Dates: 16/05/2019 – 23/06/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Reservoir)

Opening: 19:00 on Thursday, 16 May 2019

Walkabout: 10:00 on Friday, 17 May 2019

Gordon Froud, well-known sculptor, Senior Lecturer in sculpture at University of Johannesburg and curator is presenting a new body of work that investigates various aspects of sacred geometry in the world around us. This exhibition extends to more than his sculptural works and includes drawing, printmaking, digital imaging, embossing and even animation. Froud looks at sacred geometry in the landscape, the cityscape, in the human form and in the spirit. Each of these chapters reinforces the proliferation and extent to which geometry is inherent to our existence and to the overall pattern of the universe.

This extensive body of work (over 100 pieces) ranges from small-scale crystal glass works to a monumental 6.5m high polyhedron made from 18 giant road cones – manufactured and sponsored by Sinvac Plastics in Pretoria.

Basotho Blankets Exhibition

Dates: 10/05/2019 – 23/06/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Annex)

The anthropology collection of the National Museum houses a large collection of Basotho blankets. Most are part of the Robertson collection, on loan from Neil Robertson’s family. Neil Robertson was a third-generation tradesman in Basotho blankets, the grandson of Charles Hendry Robertson. A large number of these blankets will be on display at Oliewenhuis Art Museum until 23 June 2019.

What makes this collection of blankets unique is the time span over which it was collected. The collection includes a Sandringham mountain rug or Mohodu dating back to 1934, a Badges of the brave blanket honouring those who fought during World War II (1939-1945) as well as a Batho ba Roma blanket made to commemorate Pope John Paul’s visit to Lesotho in 1988. But certainly the most prestigious blanket in the collection is the Victoria England / Seanamarena or ‘chief’s blanket’. All of the above-mentioned blankets will also form part of the exhibition.

10th SAQG Travelling Exhibition of Quilts

Dates:12/04/2019 – 05/05/2019

Venue:Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Annex)

The quilts on exhibition were selected from entries in the Siyadala Competition and were chosen to inspire and educate the viewers about the different styles and techniques, colours and designs used to create this collection of quilts.

This collection under the title ‘We Create’ has travelled across the country to various destinations and regions and will conclude at the SA National Quilt Festival in Midrand in September 2019. The opportunity to admire and see the talent and creativity of South African Quilters is not to be missed.

#5WomenArtists Campaign

Dates: from 8 March 2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Main Building)

Oliewenhuis Art Museum is a satellite of the National Museum in Bloemfontein, an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture, South Africa. We proudly present outstanding female artists’ work from our Permanent Collection to participate in the powerful campaign, #5WomenArtists powered by the National Museum of Women in the Arts, New York.

The following pioneering female artists, Nandipha Mntambo, Nomusa Makhubu, Diane Victor, Mmakgabo Mmapula Helen Sebidi and Penny Siopis were selected to represent Oliewenhuis Art Museum in this campaign. They were selected in terms of extraordinary achievements in their careers regardless of age, race or background. They speak up and address contemporary debates, relating not only to South Africa, but also current issues globally.

Come and view these artists’ work in the Main Building at Oliewenhuis Art Museum from 8 March 2019.

National Museum Publications – Fine Arts

The campaign will also run via the following Oliewenhuis Art Museum Social Media pages.




Centennial, A Century of South African Art from the SANLAM Art Collection, 1918 – 2018

Dates: 14/03/2019 – 28/04/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Main Building)

Informal Walkabout: 12:00 on Thursday, 14 March 2019

Opening: 19:00 on Thursday, 14 March 2019

Informal Walkabout: 10:00 on Friday, 15 March 2019

South African financial services group Sanlam celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion is hosting this special art exhibition. The Centennial exhibition presents 70 iconic works from the exquisite Sanlam Art Collection, one of the largest art collections in the country.

The works on display represent an outstanding retrospective of South African art history and include paintings, drawings and sculptures by some of the most important South African artists of the twentieth century including Irma Stern, Dumile Feni, Walter Battiss, Alexis Preller, Penny Siopis, Christo Coetzee, Gerard Sekoto, Sydney Kumalo and JH Pierneef.

Light Conversations, curated by the Art Museum Guides

Dates: 07/03/2019 – 07/04/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Annex)

Talkabout (event): 19:00 on Thursday, 7 March 2019

By exploring the Permanent Collection, these bright minds creatively assembled an exhibition that is unconventional in its approach in that it by shares an honest reflection on the challenges young and emerging artists, such as themselves, face as they strive for success in the world and the art scene.

The Art Museum Guides of Oliewenhuis Art Museum curated this exhibition with artworks sourced from the museum’s permanent collection. The curators resonated with rarely exhibited artworks from acclaimed artists such as Dumile Feni, Pippa Skotnes, Norman Catherine, Judy Woodborne and Lucas Sithole to convey a narrative that could be associated with the different emotions the emerging artist might experience.

The curators understand and experience the difficulties and doubt they address in Light Conversation, and subsequently chose to focus the exhibition on the journey of an artist. To focus on the creator of artworks and not his or her products is to invite a conversation about a topic that, though hardly ever discussed past the surface, is unexpectedly layered. Artists not only have to adapt to the challenges of life after university like their peers, but also experience the extra pressure of having no guaranteed employment in their field of study. They live with a different set of fears: that of failure to use their talents or a loss of artistic integrity should they decide to buy into success by masking their voice and vision to fit into trends in the art scene.

Tswela Pele:  New Acquisitions of the Art Bank of South Africa

Dates: 7/02/2019 – 10/03/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Main Building)

Opening: 19:00 on Thursday, 7 February 2019

Informal Walkabout: 10:00 on Friday, 8 February 2019

Oliewenhuis Art Museum is excited to host the annual Free State exhibition of the Art Bank of South Africa that showcases the best of South African contemporary art by emerging artists. Tswela Pele:  New Acquisitions of the Art Bank of South Africa features artworks selected and purchased from the over 200 submissions received for consideration in October 2018 by the Art Bank. The exhibition will be on show from 7 February 2019 until 10 March 2019.

The Art Bank of South Africa is a national programme of the Department of Arts and Culture as part of the Mzansi Golden Economy (MGE) strategy implementation and is hosted by the National Museum Bloemfontein, an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture. The vision of the Art Bank is to promote, foster and stimulate a vibrant market for the collection of South African contemporary visual art.

The Art Bank of South Africa is tasked with purchasing artworks from South African artists, particularly that of emerging artists in order to lease and sell the artworks to South African government departments, private companies and private individuals.

The featured artists are Khulekani Cele, Alka Dass, Sibusiso Duma, Gary Frier, Victor Geduldt, Nicola Holgate, Laylaa Jacobs, Thalente, Takalani Ligege, Poloko Madikong, Morgan Mahape, Qhama Maswana, Lungisa Matbatuba, Nkosingiphile Mazibuko, Wonder Buhle Mbambo, Mondli Mbhele, Mothobi Mefane, Thato Motana, Thabo Motseki, Major Ndlovu, Minenkulu Ngoyi, Karla Nixon, Derrick Nxumalo, Taiwo Ohu, Zolile Phetshane, Sandile Radebe, Zwelinjani Radebe, Daniel Ramontseng, Lazarus Ramontseng, Kenneth Shandu, Vanessa Tembane, Lebo Thoka, Daniel Tladi and Luyanda Zindela

Art Bank of South Africa Mission:

• Curating a definitive collection of contemporary South African visual art.

• Promoting financial sustainability for the artists and Art Bank of South Africa through the leasing of art.     

• Nurturing emerging South African artists by expanding the market for their work and providing skills development opportunities.   

• Fostering an appreciation for contemporary art by making art accessible to the broader public in their workplaces and shared spaces.

For more information please contact Oliewenhuis Art Museum on 051 011 0525 (ext 200) or oliewen@nasmus.co.za. For more information on the Art Bank of South Africa, please contact Nathi Gumede on 051 447 9609 (ext 121) or artbank2@nasmus.co.za

Reconciliation by Women Father Frans Claerhout

Dates: 17/01/2019 – 24/02/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Permanent exhibition Gallery)

These works by Vader Frans Clearhout are currently exhibited on the upper floor of Oliewenhuis Art Museum and will be on display until 24 February 2019. The popular Flemish-born artist died in his sleep at a Bloemfontein hospital at the age of 87 on July 4, 2006 after contracting pneumonia. Claerhout was born in Belgium in 1919 and came to South Africa as a Catholic priest in 1946 where he worked in mission stations in the Free State from 1948. In the 1950s, he began painting and continued until shortly before his death. Besides paintings he also did sculptures and printing.

Clearhout explained this series with the following: “Reconciliation breaks loneliness; it brings sun, humour, laughter and liberation. It breaks through the invulnerability and speaks in compassionate language. Reconciliation is to jump from the hills into a plain. “

Christ and the other person by Father Frans Claerhout

Dates: 17/01/2019 – 24/02/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Annex Gallery)

Father Frans Claerhout’s famous series, Christ and the other person, is currently exhibited at Oliewenhuis Art Museum. Claerhout was born in 1919 in Pittem, Belgium and came as a Catholic priest to South Africa in 1946, where he worked from 1948 with mission stations in the Free State. In the 1950s he began painting and continued doing so until shortly before his death in 2006. Claerhout was also one of a group of artists, writers and collectors who established an art association in the Free State, called the Bloemfontein Group. His stylized, expressionistic images in thick paint focus on rural scenes with animals and children. His works quickly became popular throughout South Africa and were later exhibited in Belgium, Canada, Germany, USA and Britain. Although he mostly painted in oil and acrylic, he also made sculptures and prints.

10 Years of Collecting: Additions to the Permanent Collection 2009 – 2018

Dates: 14/12/2018 – 03/02/2019

Venue: Oliewenhuis Art Museum (Main Building)

Talkabout (event): 19:00 on Thursday, 31 January 2019

An exhibition of selected purchased and donated artworks added to Oliewenhuis Art Museum’s Permanent Collection during the last 10 years will be on display from 14 December 2018 to 3 February 2019. 

Oliewenhuis Art Museum, a satellite of the National Museum, Bloemfontein is committed to building a representative collection of South African visual art and has shown a steady and interesting growth in its collection as South Africa has produced a number of celebrated artists whose works have become highly regarded both locally and abroad.

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