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Nests and Eggs exhibition

Ornithology (the study of birds) has a sub-discipline called Oology. This is the study or collecting of birds’ nests and eggs. This discipline began during the mid-1900s and lasted until approximately the 1960s. During its inception, it was considered more as a hobby rather than a scientific discipline. Today most countries have strict collecting laws for conservation purposes.

Bird nests and eggs is a neglected research area in Ornithology since emphasis is placed on matching bird calls with the visual identification of birds. Therefore, the National Museum has decided to host a complete exhibition of Ornithology that includes not only the bird, but the nests and eggs as well.

A bird’s natural environment and needs such as finding food and survival usually manifests in the composition and placement of nests. Eggs have a camouflage aspect to it as well. This aspect is not always considered when birdwatchers go in search of birds. For this reason and the fact that the National Museum has a small collection of eggs, we have decided to showcase the discipline of Oology.

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