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Meet the artist Thomas Kubayi on 16 March 10:00 at Oliewenhuis Art Museum

Please join us for a woodcarving demonstration and artist engagement with well-known artist Thomas Kubayi.

“It comes from your heart, you can’t explain it.

When I create a sculpture, I am writing a song,

not in music but using my hands.” Thomas Kubayi

Thomas Kubayi is a Limpopo based woodcarver, musician and storyteller. Kubayi transforms wood into spectacular sculptures and his work can be found in private collections in

America, Switzerland and France. Inspired by his dreams for the future of the youth and traditional craftsmanship, he built and developed a school for the arts on the Ribola Art Route in Tshivuyuni village, near Elim in the Limpopo Province. Named the Vhutsila Art Centre, the idea behind this school is to retain the knowledge base to create wooden sculptures, musical instruments, traditionally-built furniture and crafts.

Kubayi is hosted as an artist-in-residence by the UFS. The UFS Art Gallery is partnering with Oliewenhuis Art Musuem for this public engagement session. The initiative ensued from the UFS’s collaborative efforts with the Limpopo Heritage Collection supported by ZZ2.

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