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Educational Resources and Literature

Mobile Museum:  It is a panel van containing material from all the departments at the Museum.  To arrange a visit to your school, contact Ancilia or Andries.  (Please note that the Mobile Museum does not go out on Fridays).

Traveling showcases:  These are available on loan to local pre-primary schools and play groups for a period of three weeks.

Educational activities brochure:  Distributed annually to all primary and secondary schools in the Free State.

Circulars about “Special Lessons”:  Distributed to all local schools.

Pre-primary brochure:  Distributed quarterly to pre-primary schools and play groups in the greater Bloemfontein area.

Downloadable resources

Your guide to the Universe – an astronomy information resource for primary schools. Provided by SAASTA. PDF

Workbooks and information booklets

R3-00 each (if ordering by post, please add R2-50 per book for postage)

Earth and beyond

Rocks under our feet at Oliewenhuis / Klippe onder ons voete by Oliewenhuis  (Grades 4-7)
Rocks of the Earth’s crust / Gesteentes van die Aardkors  (workbook)  (Grades 5-11)
Rocks of the Earth’s crust / Gesteentes van die Aardkors  (practical worksheet for workshop at Museum)  (Grades 9-11)
Rocks of our area, continental drift, volcanoes, fossils & dinosaurs (information booklet, only in English)
Solar System / Sonnestelsel  (Grades 4-6)  
Solar System / Sonnestelsel  (Grades 7-10)
Stars / Sterre  (Grades 7-10)
Star Gazing (information booklet @ R10-00 each) / Sterrekyk (inligtingsboekie @ R10-00 elk)
Water / Water / Metsi  (Grades 1-3)
Water / Water / Metsi  (Grades 4-7)
Palaeontology Hall  (fossils and prehistory) / Paleontologiesaal  (fossiele en voorgeskiedenis) (Grades 4-8)
Dinosaurs / Dinosourusse  (Grades 1-3)
Dinosaurs / Dinosourusse  (Grades 4-7)

Animals / Diere

Amphibians / Amfibieë  (Grades 4-7)
Fish / Visse  (Grades 4-7)
Reptiles / Reptiele  (Grades 4-7)
Birds / Voëls / Dinonyana  (Grades 4-7
Birds at Oliewenhuis (20 garden birds) / Voëls by Oliewenhuis (20 tuinvoëls) (Grades 1-7)
Antelope / Wildsbokke  (Grades 4-7)
Cats / Katte / Dikatse  (Grades 4-7)
Dog Family / Hondfamilie  (Grades 4-7)
Rodents / Knaagdiere / Diphuri  (Grades 1-4)
Animal Treasure Hunt (10 small mammals) / Diereskattejag / Ho tsoma diphoofolo  (Grades 1-5)
Animals without backbones Part 1: Arthropods / Ongewerwelde diere Deel 1: Geleedpotiges  (Grades 7)
Animals without backbones Part 2: Molluscs / Ongewerwelde diere Deel 2: Weekdiere  (Grades 7)
Honey-bee / Heuningby / Dinotshi  (Grades 1-3)  
Honey-bee / Heuningby  (Grades 4-7)
Spiders / Spinnekoppe  (Grades 4-7)
Feeding Habits (herbivores, carnivores, omnivores) / Eetgewoontes (herbivore, karnivore, omnivore)  (Grades 3-7)
Food Chains / Voedselkettings / Diketane tsa dijo  (Grades 3-7)  (only a worksheet @ R1-00 each)
Footprints / Voetspore  (Grades 1-4)
Metamorphosis (frog and silkworm) / Metamorfose (padda en sywurm)  (Grades 4-7)
Parental Care / Ouersorg  (Grades 5-7)

Plants / Plante

Flowering Plants / Blomplante  (Grades 3-7)
Plants without flowers Part 1: algae, fungi, lichens, mosses and ferns / Blomlose plante Deel 1: wiere, swamme, korsmos, mosse en varings  (Grades 5-10)
Plants without flowers Part 2: Gymnosperms (cone-bearing plants) / Blomlose plante Deel 2: Gimnosperme (keëldraende plante)  (Grades 5-10)
Trees on Oliewenhuis Koppie  (15 indigenous trees) / Bome op Oliewenhuiskoppie  (Grades 4-7)
Trees in the Garden at Oliewenhuis / Bome in die tuin by Oliewenhuis  (Grades 4-7)

Humankind and History

Ancient Egypt / Antieke Egipte  (Grades 5-7)  
Ancient Egypt / Antieke Egipte  (information booklet)
Stone Age / Steentydperk  (Grades 4-9)  
Stone Age (information booklet, only in English)
Florisbad / Florisbad  (Grades 5-10)
San hunter-gatherers / San-jagterversamelaars  (Grades 4-9)  
San hunter-gatherers  (information booklet, only in English)
Farmers of the Iron Age / Landbouers van die Ystertydperk  (Grades 5-7)
Basotho  (workbook only in English)  (Grades 3-5)  
Basotho  (information booklet)
Rolong of Thaba Nchu – a brief history (information booklet only, available only in English)

Museum Fun Guides

A trip through the Museum / Kom stap deur die Museum / Leeto ka hare ho Musiamo  (Grades 1-4)
A trip through the Museum / Kom stap deur die Museum  (Grades 5-7)


(assistance in the biology classroom)

Available in English and Afrikaans
Price: R20,00 each

Praktikum 1: Basic techniques in the biology classroom: Fixing and preserving agents and documentation

Praktikum 2: How to collect invertebrates (other than insects)

Praktikum 3: How to collect insects

Praktikum 4: An identification key for the phyla and subphyla of invertebrates

Praktikum 5: How to collect vertebrates

Praktikum 6: The use of resin and latex rubber in the embedding, display and study of biological material

Praktikum 7: How to prepare animal and birds study skins and how to clean skulls and skeletons

Praktikum 8: Basic taxidermy: How to mount birds

Praktikum 9: How to collect plants

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