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Scientific Journal - Indago (Previously called Navorsinge van die Nasionale Museum, Bloemfontein) is an accredited journal which publishes original research results on topics related to the approved research disciplines of the Museum, and/or those based on study collections of the Museum, and/or studies undertaken in the Free State. All contributions are critically reviewed by at least two appropriate external referees.

Editor: Dr Michael F. Bates (herp [at] nasmus [dot] co [dot] za)

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Indago 34 Complete PDF 84 MEG


Dec 2017

Volume 33, Part 1. P.A. Erasmus,& B.J.H. de Graaff. ‘They say a Dog wears a Ticket’ – Legal Classification instead of Self-Identification. pp. 01-12. PDF 1.7 MEG




Volume 32, Part 1. NEETHLING, J.A. & HADDAD, C.R. 2016. A systematic revision of the South African pseudoscorpions of the family Geogarypidae (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones). pp. 01-80. PDF 1.2 MEG

Volume 32, Part 2. WERNER, C., REEVES, B., BROWN, N. & VENTER, J.A. 2016. Herpetofauna of the Oviston, Commando Drift and Tsolwana nature reserves in the arid interior of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.  pp. 81-98. PDF 1.2 MEG

Volume 32, Part 3. Du BRUYN, D. 2016. A Baker garden with a touch of Jekyll: Early history (1903–1905) of the garden at Westminster Estate near Tweespruit, Free State, with special reference to the role played by the Duke of Westminster, Sir Herbert Baker and Gertrude Jekyll. pp. 99-118. PDF 1.2 MEG

Volume 32, Part 4. HAASBROEK, H. 2016. Henry Selby Msimang en die loonagitasie van 1919 in Bloemfontein.  pp. 119-131. PDF 1.2 MEG


Volume 31, Part 3. BADENHORST, S. & BOSHOFF, W.S. 2015. Animal remains from an early twentieth century rural farming community at Orage River Railway Station, South Africa. pp. 49-64. PDF 1.2 MEG

Volume 31, Part 2. HAASBROEK, H. 2015. Die 1922-debat rondom die strewe na en besluit oor 'n nuwe Bloemfonteinse markterrein.  pp. 29-48. PDF 1.2 MEG

Volume 31, Part 1. BEZUIDENHOUT, H., BRADSHAW, P.L., BRADSHAW, M. & ZIETSMAN, P.C. 2015. Landscape units of Mokala National Park, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. pp. 1-27.  PDF 5.5 MEG; PDF 2 MEG.


Volume 30, Part 6. HUGO-COETZEE, E.A. 2014. A new species of Adrodamaeus (Acari, Oribatida, Gymnodamaeidae) from South Africa. pp. 87-99. PDF 2.2 MEG

Volume 30, Part 5. COETZEE, L. 2014. Rare new species of the genus Afroleius Mahunka, 1984 (Acari, Oribatida, Mycobatidae) from South Africa. pp. 71-85. PDF 1,8 MEG

Volume 30, Deel 4. HAASBROEK, H. 2014. Die ontstaan van die unieke ondergrondse Reservoir-galery (2002) by Oliewenhuis-kunsmuseum in Bloemfontein. pp. 47-70. PDF 3 MEG

Volume 30, Part 3. KNEIDINGER, C.M., VAN HEERDEN, H., MACFADYEN, D., VAN DER MERWE, M., AVENANT, N.L., VAN DER BANK, H. 2014. Species identification, habitat preferences and population genetics of Mastomys natalensis (A. Smith, 1834) and M. coucha (A. Smith, 1836) in an enclosed area, Kruger National Park, South Africa. pp. 31-45. PDF 891 KB

Volume 30, Part 2. OLBRICHT, G. & SLIWA, A. 2014. Elephant shrews (sengis) - neither rodent nor shrew: A historical perspective. pp. 18-30. PDF 824 KB

Volume 30, Part 1. BULLOCK, K.L., VILJOEN, F. & KOTZE, J.J. 2014. Habitat associations and impact of habitat degradation on small mammals in the Heritage Park, North West Province, South Africa. pp. 1-17. PDF 686 KB


Volume 29, Part 3. DU BRUYN, D. & WESSELS, A. 2013. The British soldiers' Bloemfontein: Impressions and experiences during the time of the British occupation and Lord Roberts' Halt, 13 March - 3 May 1900.  pp. 29-68.  PDF 1.6 MEG

Volume 29, Part 2. BATES, M.F. 2013. First records of the egg-eating snake Dasypeltis confusa Trape & Mané, 2006 in Nigeria and Chad, with range extensions for Ghana. pp. 17-27 PDF 1,6 MEG

Volume 29, Part 1. COURI, M.S., KIRK-SPRIGGS, A.H. & PONT, A.C. 2013. New distribution records of Afrotropical Muscidae (Diptera) based on material at the National Museum, Bloemfontein. pp. 1-17 PDF 1,3 MEG


Volume 28, Part 4. HAASBROEK, H. 2012. Die rol van Charles (Charlie) Gustav Fichardt in Bloemfontein 1891-1923. pp. 49-83. PDF 834 KB

Volume 28, Part 3. BATES, M.F. & INEICH, I. 2012. A new size record for the West African egg-eating snake Dasypeltis gansi Trape & Mané, 2006, with new distribution records. pp. 41-48.  PDF 734 KB

Volume 28, Part 2. ERMILOV, S.G. & HUGO-COETZEE, E.A. 2012. Two new species of Nothrus (Acari:Oribatida: Nothridae) from South Africa. pp. 25-40. PDF 871 KB

Volume 28, Part 1. HAVENGA, S & WESSELS, A. 2012. "Examplair" - Victoriaanse merklappe met spesifieke verwysing na voorbeelde in die versameling van die Nasionale Museum, Bloemfontein. pp.1-21. PDF 1,6 MEG


Volume 27, Part 4. BAUER, A.M., HEINICKE, M.P., JACKMAN, T.R. & BRANCH, W.R. 2011. Systematics of the Pachydactylus mariquensis group of geckos (Reptilia: Squamata: Gekkonidae): Status of P. mariquensis latirostris, P. m. macrolepis and P. amoenus.  pp. 85-1-8. PDF 1 MEG

Volume 27, Part 3. DU BRUYN, D. 2011. 'Township Topiary': The history of the English-style gardens of Batho, Mangaung (1846-1948).  pp. 37-82. PDF 2,45 MEG

Volume 27, Part 2. LOTZ, L. 2011. The genus Cheiracanthium (Araneae: Miturgidae) in the Afrotropical Region. 3. Description of four new species.  pp. 21-36. PDF 1 MEG

Volume 27, Part 1. DE RUITER, D.J., CHURCHILL, S.E., BROPHY, J.K. & BERGER, L.R. 2011. Regional Survey of Middle Stone Age Fossil Vertebrate Deposits in the Virginia-Theunissen area of the Free State, South Africa. pp. 1-20. PDF 4 MEG


Volume 26, Part 3. BATES, M.F., PIETERSEN, D.W. & MEASEY, G.J. 2010. New amphisbaenian records for the Northern Cape, South Africa. pp. 61-72. PDF 532 KB

Volume 26, Part 2. HUGO-COETZEE, E.A. 2010. Two new species of Austrocarabodes (Acari: Oribatida: Carabodidae) from South Africa: A. mahunkai and A. lineasetosa. pp. 46-59. PDF 1,3 MEG

Volume 26, Part 1. LE ROUX, C. 2010. J.R. Cooper as Township Manager of Mangaung at Bloemfontein 1923-1945. pp. 1-44. PDF 743 KB

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